Victoria – Police Entrance Exam

Hi there, my name is Victoria..and I am in the process of becoming a police officer.. prior to this.. there was one subject that really struggled to come across and to think that I would pass… because of my lack of education when I was growing up and that was maths. maths is a subject that I didn't like.. I knew my tables quite well.. but only as far as intermediate… from college upwards..

I never took maths as a subject.. because I couldn't do the work that the teacher was handing out to me…. But the thing is that to get into Police force, you need to take a pre-entry test and maths is a subject that they test you on.. and I knew that I wasn't gonna pass that.. umm.. but I took up on myself to get tuition… to get help.. because I wasn't gonna let this one thing stop from pursuing my dreams.. so I did a google search on the computer..and get across lot of maths tuitions in manukau…. so email all other including EMT..and I said to myself that the first company / organisation that emails me back will be the one I dial in and off course EMT get back to me straightaway….

It was really nerve wrecking to come in your first one-on-one maths tuition.. umm.. that day I left after my first one hour…it was probably the first best tuition that I have ever had..with a one-on-one when it comes to tuition tutorials…. I can't explain.. but it was an amazing feeling.. I left that day with a real heart that I wanna come back….I never before that wanna do anything with numbers.. cuz I thought I was so useless at it.. In college, the teachers used to say.. you didn’t know the tables.. and off course my friends growing up in islands.. they didn't know any after that first tuition that I had for my math..

I went to my husband and I said.. I gotta go back..It doesn't matter how much its gonna cost me.. no matter how many sessions I had to do.. I have to pass this pre-entry exams.. and these guys are the only guys that are gonna help me do that.. so I started coming to my sessions.. and in the week of my exams.. Sonia started to picking me up and taking me up through my mind.. and she just made me feel that I could do it.. regardless of how I was feeling.. she wouldn't let me leave this through… that I am really going from.. unless she knew that I knew that I had the confidence to go into my exams and that I would pass.. and I just want to tell Sonia to thank you for that.. because if it was for any other tutor then they would have said good luck.. we will see you later.. but just to see how much you are putting into me.. even the time was going over my one hour and you were still sitting here with me… taking those tests with me.. making sure that unless I got 99% of my exam.. you were gonna release me.. to go and sit in the examination.. On the day of the exam..

I was confident.. I was so confident that I knew that I had done right.. cuz with EMT and with their help to pass my maths on that day.. and that day when my exam had finished.. out of the three subjects that we sat that day, maths was probably the only subject that I can honestly say that I had confidence that I would pass.. and that speaks so much about me and about this organisation, EMT and how they put confidence in me and gave me enough work to be able to pass that exam.. and I just wanna thank you for that.. the standard of the company and organisation… for people like us that had been out of school for 15 years.. who don’t know where to turn to.. and don't know where to go.. its little things like this that help us achieve our dreams and our goals..

So EMT really helped me pass that exam and not only that they even followed up with me…before my exam and after my exam.. they kept in touch.. it wasn't just about maths for me… it was about relationship building.. and seeing people reach their dreams and goals.. and loving maths and now I jus love maths.. its not a s#*# for me anymore.. Now when I go shopping for me.. I just count the discount.. I am like.. whats the discount here.. you know and only EMT could have done it to me..

So Sonia, Thank you so much for that! Love you! God Bless you!

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