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I’m Suri, a Mathematics tutor and Director of Expert Maths Tuition (EMT) of Milford Branch.

Mathematics was always one of the most interesting topics during my school and university time which I always enjoyed learning it and was passionate about it. I was lucky that I always had great Mathematics teachers during my study time which encouraged me more to learn and enjoy about Mathematics World.

I finished my BSc. Honor in Science and then Pharmacy and worked in these fields for more than 8 years. I got the opportunity to explore Mathematics World in NZ since 2006 and as I always love to communicate with people, teaching maths to kids and adults gave me the fortune of being able to communicate with variety of students from different age and background and teach them a subject that is very on demand and bring them smile and satisfaction.I found EMT’s way of teaching is different compared to other methods of teaching. It is based on an individual tutoring method to help every child succeed according to their abilities.

I am a trained EMT tutor. Under the expert guidance of EMT Founders; Sonia and Raaj, I have learned not only mathematics but Ocean Knowledge of Wisdom from these Two Amazing People. It’s been a great journey so far with EMT and I am proud that I can deliver my knowledge to bring success to each and every Child’s academic life.

The most rewarding moment in teaching is when students enter the class with their satisfied faces and their eyes which are smiling and say: “ Suri! You know what! I’ve passed my exam with Excellence … can’t believe I did it … Thanks so much!!” And this is the most amazing feeling that possibly anyone can give me in my life.

At EMT, our focus is going to be on individuals despite being in a group or one on one session. Lessons are fun and allow students to engage with the topic and helping them grow their confidence and learn new concepts. Each individual is not only a student but we treat them as part of EMT’s family and their success and Smile is our main reward. We strongly believe in this equation and we deliver it:

Confidence + Enthusiasm + Skills = Brilliant Mind

If you are looking to make an obvious transformation in Your Child’s mathematics ability, You are in the right place and I’ll guide you how you or your child can reach the optimal future goals by EMT’s customized program!

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EMT has been providing Expert Maths Tuition since its establishment by principal teacher Sonia & Managing Director Raaj in 2003. EMT staff are 100% result oriented. They are passionate and concerned about helping their students achieve results.


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