Entrance Level

Hi My Name is Simon Lockett. Early this year I was attempting to sit the Police test. My skill level in maths Area was quite bad so I didn’t actually manage to pass it. So Once I realized that I needed to up skill myself, I started looking online at places that were could offer Simon's Police Entrance Exam Successtuition but wasn’t just any tuition; it was something quiet specific that I needed. Anyway! I was looking and I saw a review on a website for EMT and this person said that they passed the test and I thought Sound’s good and it must be good place to start. Then I contacted them and I set up a session, a One on One session with a great reliability and as they found out and I already knew, my ability was quiet terrible. So, they pretty much ehh but was good because they let you know where need to start and what we need to improve and they focus on building on that confidence and what you can do on speed and I’d say would be different for different people depending what you wanting to achieve.. So, after about I think 4 months , it was one session a week for 4-5 months, I reset a test and I passed comfortably which was something new to me because my previous credential education was my NCEA level in English and nothing else which I maybe got it in 5 years ago .. So to have something like that and to see that I could do it, that was really helpful. And Yeah the team at EMT made it possible for me to pass that .. Yes, Thanks guys ..

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