Hi! I am Alexander Maehl. This is my Mum and this is my Dad. I have been coming to EMT as long as I can remember, starting in year 5. I struggled with math. All of a sudden my grades started skyrocketing. I started getting 100% basic math test what I struggled to pass. Then I stopped coming for no reason in year 9, my grade dropped again, I got scared. I came back to Sonia and I went to merit all the way excellence. I was the top of my class over again. The results are amazing. Great!

As parent it is being amazing journey and from group session to One on One in year 11 St Kentigern College. Sonia is amazing. She has a very clear idea what Alexander needs to do in order to achieve excellence which is what he wants which is fantastic. Thank you Sonia. Thank you EMT.

We absolutely recommend EMT and we absolutely recommend Sonia. There is nobody better. Thank You. I like to thank you Sonia specifically. You gave me amazing help. Finally I got excellence on my final!

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